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Hello Fellow Smitties!!!

Just stumbled across this community and instant thought, "No Way!". So I joined!

I'm a PSC student and Alum! I started my PSC career in the Fall of 2002. This May (2005), I received my Outdoor Recreation, associates and am planning on graduating in December 2006, with my Recreation Resource Management, Bacholer's!

I'm a member of the PSC Woodmen's Team and the Forestry Club. And I LOVE it there!!!! I can't wait until September!!!

I've lived in Hillside 210, Livermore 225 and Saratoga 124.

I've had the best experiences at PSC. From my first Rugby Kegger to the first night I saw Aurora Borealis. There is no place like it on Earth!

Okay, I'm done gushing over PSC. My little slice of heaven!

It's great to know that someone made a PSC community! Kudos to you!
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