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the Paul Smith's College Community

Where the men are men, the women are men, and the sheep run scared!

Paul Smith's College
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Students and Alum Only

This is a place where current PSC students and Alumni can get together, share some of their favorite memories, make weekend plans, chat about the latest goings on in their lives, meet new friends, or just gripe about the most recent "food" at Buxton. It's intended to be a light-hearted, possibly humourous meeting place for people who know what it's like to be part of the unique community that is Paul Smith's. It's also a place where new students can ask questions and get suggestions from people who have been there, done that.

Though this joining this community is open to all right now, if a lot of non-smitties start signing on, it will be changed so that applicants must pass a review process before being accepted. This is just because this community is designed only for people who have actually experienced PSC; students who transfered to a different college are welcome to join, as long as they do in a friendly manner.

Just a few basic rules so we can all get along better and to elimate potential problems later on:
1) No Full Names! This is done to protect the guilty as much as the innocent ^_^ If you're going to talk about someone, please use their first name only, or a nick-name if they have one.

2) No Hard-Core Dissing of Others communtity members or not! Actually, no dissing whatsoever would be preferred. It's okay to grumble about a prof or assignment (or roomates if you must), just keep it in check (and in the case of roomies, we don't need their names). But tearing into another person is not acceptable. That sort of angst is what personal journals are for. This is not the place for that, and it will not be tollerated. Consider this your first and only warning.

3) Please don't reveal personal information like room#, phone# etc here. This is in the interest of protecting personal rights and privacy. Given this day and age, I'm sure you can understand why. If you chose to allow others access to your contact information, please do it on your own page.

4) Keep It Fun that's pretty self explanitory I think. I want people to relax and enjoy themselves.

And Finally:
5) Respect Others' Rights and Views!!! Even if someone has views totally different from your own, this is not the place for flaming and personal attacks. Students and alum are welcome to express themselves however they want without fear of harrassment or persecution.


Okay, enough seriousness. That being said, welcome to the community and have fun :D

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